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Default Re: Really confused! What home cinema speakers do I need for x-fi?

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Yeah, creatives marketing is extremely deceptive. And truth be told, EAX isn't really that innovative, creative just happened to be the first to get it to the market and patent the sh*t out of it, so nobody else can add effect functions to games but them.

If another company had the resources, I'm certain they could do what they wished. EAX, for the most part, is nothing but extremely fancy (and if used properly) and accurate reverb. I'm sure if a new company with sufficient resources arose that utilized both accurate real-time reverb and true to the source sound placement, Creative could do nothing.

But really, who out there has the resources to create such? I'm sure the processing power to do all that would be insane. It'd sound awesome, but just wouldn't be feasible as the market for such is so small there would probably be no income after one considers operational expenses.

Oh well.
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