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Default Re: Really confused! What home cinema speakers do I need for x-fi?

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Ok, I can agree with this- in regards to the reverb. But with accurate sound placement ( i.e. the surround we get from movies) I'm sure it'd be too taxing for any cheap processing unit you mentioned.
Not sure what you mean exactly. Surround heard in movies isn't supposed to have accurate placement per se. As I described in my earlier post, surround in movies is more for effect and ambiance. I think what you may be talking about is the sound in movies is far more "crisp" than what you hear in games, and tends to feel more realistic than games do. This is due to a number of things - the biggest of which is that a sound engineer can sit down and tweak each sound, and add sounds for a more "proper" effect to fit the scenery. When movies are being filmed, there isn't really any background noise at all, all that is being recorded, or all that is intended to be recorded, is what the actors are scripted to say. Everything else, e.g. birds chirping, people in the background chatting, is mixed in afterwards.

If you ever watch those "making of" clips on DVD's, you can sometimes notice (depending on whether or not these clips were post processed) that in even the most active environments, say a rave or something, you can see all kinds of stuff going on in the background, people dancing, strobe lights flashing, a band "playing" music (just faking it actually) but the whole scene is completely silent except for what the main actors are saying. All of the rest of that jazz gets added later, and a person sits down and spends lots of time making it sound very believable. Needless to say, this can't be done in real-time.

As far as sound placement in games, that is handled entirely by directsound3d, and computationally that is even easier than effect functions, just some basic trigonometry.

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Furthermore, the patent issue would be moot if the company had sufficient resources. Creative doesn't have a patent for every sound, and everything relating to sound,
No, but they do have a patent on many of the implementations.
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