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Angry Re

This is the story of the unlucky man :

It is a good day today, I go to buy my new motherboard a beautiful ASUS A7N8X with the marvellous chipset NFORCE2 (without video).
I have always my Geforce 3 TI 500 ( Hercules )

Now, finish KT333.

With a big smile after mounting my Pc,
I insert the RETAIL MANDRAKE (with nvidia built in),
flashing screen at reboot : /

I say "so i have some new hardware i need the last NVIDIA driver".

Ok lets goooogogo,
I take my mandrake Download edition, install it and all ok !

I download the nvidia drivers,
switch to /etc/init.d/ ./dm stop
i do sh
modify my Xconf for remplace nv by nvidia
check for glx line ->its ok
Save under vi

I do a modprobe nvidia
do ./dm startx

BLANK SCREEN :'( :'( :'( :'(

I live in the Helllllllll, please some helpp this blanck screen made me crazy, and now on my new ASUS A7N8X

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