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Default Re: S10U3/SXDE and nVidia 7950GX2

My friend has the MSI Master2-FAR board with two Nvidia 8800 boards,
but I cant remember the brand name of the graphic boards.
Anyway they are set up in SLI configuration.

We installed Solaris Nevada build 67 on this machine.
the 8800 boards are only supported by the latest driver 100,14.11 so in order
to get anything up and running we needed to set up
/etc/X11/xorg.conf with the Xorg "nv" 2D driver .
Its the 2D driver thats used during the installation.

So I would prepare a floppy or CDROM with a xorg.conf file
which has :

Section "Device"
Driver "nv"

then boot in failsafe mode and mount the Diskette/CDROM
and copy the prepared xorg.conf file to /a/etc/X11/xorg.conf

If the 2D driver works during install it should work later as well.

the 100.14.11 3D driver works on my friends box
the 3D driver on the SXDE B64a DVD is older so
maybe you just need to upgrade to a 3D driver that supports you hardware.

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