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Default Re: ??refrigerated water cooling??

I think that I currently have 2 options

1)build the system in a fridge. I would have to have a seperate compartment for the HDDs that would be ambient temp (HDDs have issues with cold)

2) build an all out water chilled system (goto to see them)

either way I wont be a realistic 0db system but how many of you are pissed because of all the noise your fridges make? I honestly cant remember the last time that I heard my fridge. And my little 2' cube fridge that I have next to my desk at work makes VERY little noise, the vents are louder than it is.

I am thinking a mini fridge that stands about 3' tall will be perfect. I will have to put wheels on it for LAN parties though This may go down as either the ultimate LAN case (store your drinks in your computer?) or the Ugliest Case Ever.
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