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Default System Lockups - 8800 + Xeon System

System: Intel Xeon workstation. 2x Xeon 5160 (dual core) CPUs. Intel S5000XVN motherboard (latest firmware as of July 2007). 8800 GTX video card (100.14.11 drivers).

The system is running CentOS 4.4 i386 (32-bit).

3D applications cause the system to lock up. The system cannot be accessed locally or remotely and does not respond to pings. The crash can be reliably triggered within 10 seconds with the following commands:
xmms song.ogg &
glxgears &
I have tried two other video cards:
  • 8800GS - same problem
  • 7600GT - no crashes!
I have a Core Duo system running the same OS, drivers and software. This does not crash with any of the video cards (7600GT, 8800GS or 8800GTX).

I have tried the following fixes, with no success:
  • pci=nommconf
  • idle=poll
  • different X configurations: single display, dual-head with Xinerama on/off, TwinView
I have attached logs for some of the configurations described above. Any suggestions are appreciated. Please let me know if there is any other information that might be helpful.
Attached Files
File Type: log nvidia-bug-report-CoreDuo+8800GS.log (113.2 KB, 123 views)
File Type: log nvidia-bug-report-Xeon+7600GT.log (139.8 KB, 103 views)
File Type: log nvidia-bug-report-Xeon+8800GTX.log (140.1 KB, 121 views)
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