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Default 100.14.11 and geforce 7025

bought new abit an-m2 motherboard which incorperates gf 7025

this board has two sockets on the back and these are clearly different ports rather than ports shadowing each other.

however the drivers 100.14.11 will not allow twin view to work.

it puts it into a shadow mode but with panning across the virtual res.

both monitors effectivly a clone.

I have run same driver rev on my 7300gs and it works exactly as i expect.

going to install this tonight, in this board which pretty much negates the reason i bought this board in the first place as its onboard graphics at this point are useless to me.

anyone also seen this isse or know if its a known issue, i scoured google, but cant seem to locate anything that details the same problem.

ps im running fedora 7 64 bit

regards peter
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