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Default Re: Post your WEI Score

Processor: 2.7
RAM: 4.5
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming Graphics: 5.5
Primary Hard Disk: 5.4

Lol. It's so weird, I've installed Vista Ultimate a few times and reran the test several times, and every single time I install it and retest my system, my processor score keeps fluctuating. At first, it was 4.4 (Which is 'correct', according to Tom), then 4.2, then 4.3, then 3.8, then 4.0, then 2.8, and then 2.7. Wth is going???

Pentium 4 560 @ 3.6GHz
1GB DDR2 667
7600GT 256MB

Haha, my specs suck.
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