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Originally posted by Cubert
Well seems some people are not to happy with this lack of control over video settings, Nothing in this world is truly free (I paid $0 for software so I can go spend $50 on a Gforce4 440 and get the control back and even boost my video preformance since there was no easy answer.)

I used the xgamma and worked great for desktop but does nothing for xine video / mplayer as mentioned above in first reply.

Nvidia Guys we do appreicate your efforts... (Can't complain when it's free)

Well, I see a right to complain! I bought an nvidia card, so I expect decent drivers, and not only for windows.

Of course, I am glad that there are linux drivers after all, and even if they appear to be "free", I am also free to utter criticism or wishes.

And I really don't understand why brightness and contrast controls are still not in the linux drivers, after so many driver versions until today!?

Some people can't even use X Windows or linux, because there screen is too bright and cannot be dimmed enough without software controls. I am, luckily, not one of them, but I have been for a while. With my new monitor, the situation is better, but this is not the case for everyone.

Nvidia, please, implement this feature.

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