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Default Re: nForce 4 corrupting data written to HDD

I still see the problem when running 2.6.22 amd64 smp.

I tried to reproduce the problem using large files generated from /dev/urandom but nothing works as consistently as this particular SQL file I have. I get a different md5sum almost every time.

I've tried 2.6.22 amd64 smp with and without iommu=soft. I've also tried disabling the iommu and memhole mapping in the bios, to no effect. I've also tried using mem=1g and/or iommu=soft with 2.6.15 amd64 smp, to no effect.

I'm compiling a uni-proc amd64 kernel right now. If that doesn't work I'm thinking of removing physical memory, down to 1gb, and testing that.
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