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Default Re: GRAW 2 (PC) - Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by m3dude
yes prey was a port from pc to console and the pc version looks better. the same cant be said for graw however. gamespot, ign, and gamespy all agree the game does not look impressive, while they all praised the 360 version. all 3 sites also played the game on fast pcs, as their review rigs all contain 8800s and dual cores.
None of those reviews made a direct comparison between the X360 and the PC version in the graphics area. All of them said that the graphics are decent but not mind-blowing. Also,given the action oriented version of the X360 (compared to the tactical version of the PC) it's easier to be impressed by the ammount of explosions,which are still present and still amazing in the PC version (but not at the same ammount).
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