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Default Re: Is 720P half HD?

Originally Posted by Allaahu_Akbar
Hi. A quick question. Is 720P Half HD if 1080P is fullHD. I am seeing tv's that are 1080p stating that they are fullhd. Reason being is that I want to buy a tv but the cheapest 1080p set is about 800 whilst the 720p sets are around 390. Thanks
Well, there are some "gadgets" (ie playstation3, hd dvd, computer in/out, etc) that allow 1080p resolution displayed on the screen - but there is NO REAL 1080P broadcasting of any TV network which makes 1080p very not desirable at this moment - if we are talking about TV programs transmitted in 1080p - there's none - and if there is - it's coming from the "gadget" not the real TV network.
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