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Default Re: GRAW 2 (PC) - Feedback Thread

no lets quote what was said about the graphics of eahc version


360 - stunning graphics
pc - GRAW 2 looks decent where it counts but isn't going to win any beauty contests


pc - the other hit against the PC version is its drabness. The game recycles much of the textures and buildings from its predecessor, so the slums of Juarez look almost identical to the industrial areas of Mexico City. The game is dominated by its brown-and-yellow palette, and the color scheme is so bland and lifeless that it sucks a lot of life out of the otherwise solid graphic engine. You'd be hard-pressed to find something in the game that's a bright red or green or blue. Even the skies feel oppressive. The Xbox 360 did a much better job of actually creating environments that felt like they had some color and culture to them. The PC version feels like it's set in what appears to be the dullest and driest place on Earth
360 - The visuals in GRAW2 are also more stunning than in the original game, thanks to sumptuous atmospheric lighting and effects. The incredible scale remains; you'll again look out over vast cityscapes consisting of hundreds of buildings as you fly over in your Black Hawk Helicopter. But now, you can also take in the stunning vista of a setting sun over the desert or gaze at gigantic pillars of smoke rising from the fires of a war-torn Mexican city


360 - Speaking of the kick-ass explosions, the graphical side of GRAW is a study in paradoxical subtlety and over-the-top effects. At first glance the visuals look underwhelming and similar to last year's effects. Again, last year's effort was fantastic, but this game, one year later, looks very similar. In both the single- and multi-player modes you'll see little changes. The lighting model produces what appears to be the same amount of HDR effects, but more objects catch and reflect that light, causing a greater sense of realism across the whole game. The character models are better textured, and even the dusty, rocky mountains of the US-Mexico border look crisp and diverse.
pc - Online or offline, GRAW 2's visuals aren't going to blow you away. There are a few nice sunset stages, but in general the maps look fairly bland. The same kind of huts, shanties, and buildings populate each stage, making the levels blend together instead of stand out. Oh, and there's another dam stage - Ubisoft is really on a roll with these things as of late. Making up for some of the underwhelming environmental visuals are the enemy animations. If they're on the move when lead hits their body armor, they keel over and go tumbling across the ground, sometimes weakly getting back on their knees only to absorb more bullets. The gun models look, feel, and sound quite good, though the reload animations lack the sort of urgency and strength you might associate with someone trying to jam more bullets into their gun in the middle of a firefight

sounds like a lot more than just explosions
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