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Default Re: 100.14.11 and geforce 7025

Originally Posted by netllama
X (and the nvidia driver) are doing exactly as you've configured:
(**) NVIDIA(0): Option "MetaModes" "CRT: 1280x1024_75 +0+0, DFP: 1280x1024_75 +1280+0"

If you don't want any overlap between the display devices, then you should remove all the offsets from your Metamodes.

Also, please note that there are an infinite number of X configurations crossed with hardware combinations. They cannot all be tested.
no i have not ive used the simple to use twinview setup in the nvidia settings.

you forget i used this on the 7300GS and it works fine.

what i want is twinview not what nvidia settings is generating.

what should i put in the config file if i want two screens being one desktop ie twinview
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