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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Damn I haven't posted on these forums in a dogs age. But I'll try to snag some screenies from some raids this week. I usually top our damage meters in our guild. Minus a few fights of course.'Ganis&n=Anxty

PS its fun being the only rogue in a raid. Stack your group for mad dps with an Enh shammy, Fury Warrior, Feral Druid and a Dreani BM hunter. We just downed Vashj last week for the first time. Dirtiest kill that could have been possible. 2 pallies, and myself left with 1% watching Curse of Doom tick standing in the enrage pool of death with Cloak of Shadows ticking down as she dies.

Added recent Vashj kill Dps meter. This was before I got my helm (4/5 t5 and Belt).
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