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Post 8800GTX + Direct3D8 + Visual C++ + XP = Random Performance Increase

I've been coding a lot lately in C++ & Direct3D8 (yes, i know it's old).

I use Fraps to measure the performance, each time that i change something in my D3D code.

Well, this week, i thought that i had found a faster code, cause, i was drawing more primitives, and i was having the same FPS.

The fact, is that the card was working faster, a 10% more.

I don't understand how happened, but, i was getting a 10% performance boost in all games. Global.

After a system restart, the performance is back to normal, but seems like after a long coding session, with a lot of tests, the same global performance increase is back.

Also, the memory usage, after the weird performance increase, is 600MB higher than usually, and after a long investigation with process explorer & another tools, i found that that memory was being used by the kernel, so, by a driver.

I was reading about that alt-tab performance increase today. I haven't that problem in my system, but, this new 'coding bug' is really weird.

I'll keep trying to find the key of this performance increase.

I'm using 158.27 for XP atm.
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