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Default Re: 100.14.11 and geforce 7025

OK Loni, after being up till past 12 and having to get up at 5am im calling a stop to this. im to tired to do it for another night.

ive put the 7300gs card in here with exactly the same xorg.conf and it works fine exactly as i expected and no messing around at all.

the 7025 driver does not work in twinview.... period it ignores whatever you put in the config file.
it appears that the memory gets mapped correctly to provide the double width desktop, however the second monitors D-A maps itself to the same address space scan as the first monitor, and it will not move from it.
second monitor will never see that right hand memory segment.

Loni you need to get yourselves a 7025 based board and test it , and you will see the problem as clear as day, for anyone else reading this do not buy an nvidia 7025-630a based board if you want twinview in linux, it does not work on the current release of driver, and you will spend hours on here with loni giving him log file after log file.

the only exception to this statment is i have bought a board with a hardware error preventing the programming of the second DACs map.

if anyone else out there does have one thats working please let me know and ill send the board back, but im more inclined to believe that the majority of them are running windoze and the windoze driver is not exhibiting this problem.

regards peter
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