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Default Re: New motherboard: AGP now fails and card seems much slower

This is quite a normal situation when you suddenly change the hardware to something much newer.
With Windows, you would have been re-installing the OS and put drivers on it for the hardware you have.
With Linux, you can often just swap largish parts of the hardware and keep it running (especially when you know some details), but that does not mean it will always work OK.
When I did something like what you describe at work, the problem was that the new system had SATA drives and the kernel did not recognize the controller.
But when my system here at home failed last week, I placed the diskdrive and videocard in another box and it continues to work as before, after only some fiddling with the network card config.
So, the results vary.

Looking at the versions you mention, your best bet is to keep your own data in a safe place (or buy a new diskdrive) and install a modern Linux distribution from scratch. Then at least you have a consistent system which supports modern hardware.
I know it sounds like a difficult project, and depending on how much you have done to the system it may require a few hours or days, but in the end you probably have a cleaner system.
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