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Default 7300LE + TwinView = no accelerated OpenGL

I have a GeForce 7300LE card, and a dual-monitor setup with TwinView. I have not been able to get hardware-accelerated OpenGL to work since I added the second monitor.

With 'Load "glx"' in my xorg.conf, and the nvidia OpenGL drivers active, X will not start.

With that line commented out, or with the Mesa software-only OpenGL drivers active, X works fine, and OpenGL works too, just very slowly.

I have read the sticky threads. I have upgraded my BIOS to the latest version, which didn't help.

As directed in the sticky thread, I did "startx --logverbose6" then ran after X crashed. The output is 129 kB, so rather than pasting it here I'll provide a URL:

I've tried several nvidia driver versions. I'm currently using 100.14.11, installed via "emerge nvidia-drivers"

Any ideas?

Does anyone have TwinView and OpenGL acceleration working together on a 7300LE?

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