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Default Re: What is the PerfLevelSrc hack ?

Originally Posted by mooninite
However, even on a laptop Beryl will give those low-end cards a workout. I'll speak hypothetically and say that it is doing lots of up and down clocking, which maybe the driver is not 100% stable in doing it.
Yes, it is. And, no, the driver isn't always stable doing those frequency changes. That is in fact the way the PerfSrcLevel hack came into existence. The clock changes were causing machines to hang.

Originally Posted by mooninite
XID errors typically mean the driver received a hardware error. I normally see them when the cards are overheating or about to die (two have died when lots of XID errors started happening). Tweaking the driver to "reduce" XID errors is only delaying the inevitable.
No, you are wrong. Even if XID errors were caused by heat, that does not imply that the heat problem is because you are taxing the capabilities of the video card. It could be a driver problem, BIOS problem, ventilation problem, etc.

Originally Posted by mooninite
Yes, he will have to buy better hardware. Why are you so cheap? Spend an extra $100 and get a chip that is twice as fast, won't overheat, and will last you a while.
Why not try to get the performance that your card is obviously capable of without risking shortening it's lifespan? Having users throw money at a problem only allows vendors to continue to produce sub-par hardware and drivers. Buying a new card is the worst possible solution considering that his hardware is obviously capable of doing what he wants.

I also don't understand why you are calling me "cheap". A laptop is not a desktop. You can't just wander into a CompUSA and buy an upgrade for US$100. It's all or nothing. You buy a new laptop or live with what you have.
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