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Originally posted by Behemoth
fx5800 ultra is the best nvidia gaming card you can buy on the market now.
9800pro is supposed to be in the same class of fx5900 ultra.
under dx9 specification, 9800pro beats fx cards horribly, unfortunely, there is no dx9 game yet. nvidia prepared Doom3 benchmark shows that fx cards may do very well against 9700/9800 pro with proprietary opengl extension, since neither Doom3 nor dx9 games are out, its hard to tell how much better 9800pro really is in real dx9 games, its hard to tell how good fx really is in their proprietary opengl extension.
comparing 9800pro to fx5800 ultra is like comparing fx5800 ultra to 9500pro in my eyes. So 9800pro is overall better if you dont have any special reason to stay with nvidia, like linux or cg applications.
Isnt Vietcong dx9?
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