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Default Re: X slowing down, and locking up with NVRM Messages on Quadro NVS140M

I reproduced it with these options set as you described.

It seems TwinView causes it. X boots up, I plug in my projector to the VGA port, go to Nvidia settings, detect displays, click the second display, set it to use twinview, set it to clone, 1280x720, apply, go to the 1st display, set it to 1280x720. Apply.

It freezes 100% of the time. I can ctrl-alt f1 to console, and see wait messages in dmesg, and the pc unlocks, and i can kill the program, but if I ctrl-alt-f7 back into xorg, it'll be locked again and I can watch the screen redraw one line at a time.

To make sure we're on the same page, the , "slowing down", issue I had described earlier was caused by suspend to ram and I was told it'd be fixed in a later driver issue, the other issue with the NVRM messages is what I'm referring to now.
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