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Default Re: X slowing down, and locking up with NVRM Messages on Quadro NVS140M

Originally Posted by netllama
So you're stating that starting X with just the Twinview option (and no others) results in an immediate hang?
It turns out if I change my resolution to 1280x720 in Nvidia Settings, this happens when using fullscreen GL programs pretty much every time. I was enabling twinview from nvidia settings, but I always ran it in 1280x720, so I've isolated it down to just running the lcd in 1280x720 causes it, even if twinview is off, regardless of those other X options.

I've been unable to reproduce it in 1440x900. I'm going to reboot and try to reproduce it one more time in 1440x900, it seems odd that JUST resolution can cause this but it seems that this is the case....
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