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Default Re: X slowing down, and locking up with NVRM Messages on Quadro NVS140M

Originally Posted by netllama
If that mode isn't a native mode from the EDID, then I'd have doubts on whether it would produce optimal results. Granted, you shouldn't be experiencing instability, however at the same time its not really a configuration that is expected to work well.

Is there a reason why you're not using the native modes as defined in the EDID of the DFP?
Yeah, my projector runs in 1280x720, and I generally run clone across both displays. The windows drivers have 1280x720 listed for my laptop's lcd panel.

Also, I tested with vsync disabled and enabled, it doesn't matter, it still happens. I also was able to reproduce this pretty much every time in 1024x768 as well...I still have not been able to reproduce in 1440x900.

Interestingly, once this happens, and I kill -9 the program that causes it several times and repeat it locking with the XID messages, it won't happen again until I reboot my PC. I believe it holds the ability to not lock up fullscreening gl apps through a suspend, but X slows down due to the known issue so I avoid suspending in general.

What do the NVRM: XiD (0001:00):37, CMDre 00000001 00000080 00000000 00000000 5 00000009 messages mean, anyway?
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