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Default Re: Black screen (no signal) when entering Virtual Console

Slogum, I have one suggestion for you, it worked for me. You may currently be using a framebuffer console, which enables you to use the console at higher resolutions. If I use the normal vga mode instead of the high resolution framebuffer console then I don't see any problems after the X server loads. You can change to the normal vga mode if you are using lilo as your bootloader by editing /etc/lilo.conf You need to find the line that says "vga = xxx" and change it to "vga = normal". If you are using grub to boot, then I don't know what file or line within that file you need to edit, but it would be some grub config file

oh, nearly forgot... if you edit lilo.conf you must run /sbin/lilo to update the bootloader. if you don't then the next time you boot you will still be using the same options, it doesn't read the lilo.conf file every time.
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