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Default Re: My system is freezing with Nvidia display driver

Originally Posted by netllama
Those symptoms sound like a much deeper problem than an X driver issue. Do these problem persist if you switch to using the 'nv' or 'vesa' X drivers?
This habit of diverting attention away from company closed-source drivers is bad. You need to suspect your code first. Freezes are happening to everyone, all over the place, as reflected on nvnews and various bugzillas.

I don't know how you restructured the old working drivers, but whatever you did, broke things severely. Those changes are the first place to look. You should be trying harder to test multiple cards and PCs, not throwing up your hands that you have no way to reproduce. You do have many ways, already.

Developer tip: if your current test procs are not producing the user glitches, then you have a blind spot, and need to play around with the test procs.
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