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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

5 hours and counting

Well I spoke to soon, after 5 hours 22 mins one of the cores failed. I still think its pretty stable though, gonna run OCCT next. Overall I'm pretty happy with this CPU

Check this out BTW

"[...] As author of prime95 please allow me to comment on some misconceptions in this thread.

1) Prime95 is a brutal test of your memory, reading and writing well over a hundred megabytes every second. The latest version can be told how much memory to use.

2) Prime95 does not test SSE, but does test SSE2.

3) Do not confuse lock up and bluescreen with stability. Aggressive overclocking causes instructions to very occasionally return the wrong result occasionally (e.g. 1+1=3). If this is in a critical part of the OS you will crash. More commonly, this occurs in a non-critical part of the program you are running, causing incorrect results to be returned to F@H. You will probably see torture test errors in prime95 long before you see crashing stability problems.

4) Running several stability test programs at the same time is only useful if they all run at the same priority. Running several different programs is a very good idea but you are probably better off running them one after the other. Prime95 is a great test for memory and CPU (especially FPU) and a lousy stress test for your video system and peripherals.

5) Heat is not the most common cause of errors. Users that contact me more often suffer from over aggressive memory settings, too little voltage, and weak power supplies.

F@H, Seti and others are all worthy projects. You are only helping them if your computer is returning accurate results. It is critically important to run prime95 (for just an hour or two) as well a couple of other stability test programs before committing your computer to these projects full-time. Oh, and please you the prime95 Torture Test rather than starting and abandoning a work-unit."
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