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Hi Folks again,
The problem is that you, if you have any linux system with non-standart kernel you have to install the kernel sources! So if it's then suse 8.2 the yast installer makes faulty work. For the Yast installer it doesen't matter if it's the "-pre" or "-athlon" kernel or a completely self written one he just tells the .kversion and version.h file that you have the standart kernel! so if now the module loader try's it's work on the nvidia module he checks the kernel-version of both models (-> really have a look @ the nvidia_logfile, especially the last lines! ). So if these both kernel-versions differ the module (even if it was compiled right for your kernel ) couldn't be loaded (again have a look @ the log file ). The only way ( and the much easyes one ) to install the nvidia drivers is to try out the installer, if he fails, look @ the log file and check your kernel version-files.
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