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It was this news item that prompted my concerns. As I said earlier, maybe it was just a bad day:

"ATI Is Cheating - 5/27/03 12:14 pm - By: volt - Source: Xbit
Ahh, the moment I was waiting for *sarcastic laughter*. Looks like ATI admitted they "optimized" their drivers to achive higher scores in 3DMark03 *wink wink*
ATI Technologiesí Director of PR, Chris Evenden, responded to accusations in cheating with the CATALYST drivers in order to achieve higher results in 3DMark03. The scandal broke on Friday, the 23rd of May, when Futuremark, the developer of the 3DMark03 issued a document stating that NVIDIA and ATI Technologies implemented cheats in drivers in an attempt to score better in 3DMark03 benchmark.

Anyway, the company claims it will not cheat again with the 3DMark03 and that is definitely a positive piece of information.

Yea right, I find that hard to believe somehow."
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