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Default Re: 100.14.11 and geforce 7025

within 30 mins of me posting this i started to get lockups with the 7300gs, even though all my previous issues that i had discussed with you were over now i was running on a 7300GS.
downgraded the driver to the 100.14.3 and its been fine since.
going by the amount of people on here complaining about lockups with the 11 driver, and the problems im having, which until theres a newer driver or someone else tells me their 7025 is working fine with the 11 driver im going stick with the fact it should have been tested a bit more before you released it.

and just for your info, im a BIG fan of nvidia , and when i see drivers with this level of issues, i think ATI, not nvidia.

so i really think you should go back to the lab with this driver and prove me wrong.

regards peter
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