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Originally posted by indio
The point is this . NOWHERE does it say NV30 is the fastest Doom 3 path , period. Behemoth is misinterpreting the quote for his own Nvidiot purpose. We can take the sentence in the context of the paragraph . The next sentences are ---

The "gfxinfo" command will dump relevant information about the functioning renderer modes and optimizations. At some point, after we have documented all of the options and provided multiple datasets, Doom is going to be an excellent benchmarking tool, but for now you can still make some rough assessments with it

The email was directed to ppl. benchmarking Doom 3 not the general public. Why would he need to tell them NV30 is the fastest card when they are in the process of benchmarking with it??????????? The answer is they don't . He was telling benchmarkers what path are fastest on what card , the order paths are chosen , how to find out which path is running and that there will be more information on the subject in future releases.

It's so sad that ppl. even need to be told this.
the real problem is you still dont understand what that sentence means, that just makes you look like a... hmm , ok play nice
try harder indio!!!
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