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Default Re: Is 720P half HD?

Yes indeed, it is the way they differentiate rather than the fact they do differentiate. HD in itself is pretty stupid term, it like when we talk about new consoles and call them 'next-gen'. Well soon as we get to the next standard, what's next-gen???

With HD, say we ever move to TV transmission of around 1620p (not that I expect this to happen for many many years), what are we gonna call that? We couldn't call it HD, because it would be ridiculous to compare 720p and 1620p as within the same definition of a standard.

Ideally, TVs should just be marketed as '720p HD', or '1080i HD' or '1080p HD'. The words 'Full' or 'Maximum' should never come in to it, as resolutions are theoretically infinite in the long-term future.
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