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Default nvidia-settings/XGL auto load problem

I have been working on getting overclocking working in nvidia-settings for my 7600GT on openSUSE 10.2 x86-64 using Xgl/Compiz. From researching the forum, I understand that XGL does not support the required NV-CONTROL extension that nvidia-settings communicates with; the extension is only in the underlying Xorg driver. The workaround I found was to connect to the Xorg display with nvidia-settings by first loading Xgl with the argument "-xorgAC" and then running nvidia-settings with the "-c :93" argument. This opened the GUI with all its X Server options, including the Clock Frequencies. If I run "nvidia-settings -c :93 -q all" I see the overclocking attributes "GPU2DClockFreqs" and "GPU3DClockFreqs" with the overclocked values, separate from the defaults, which are also listed.

However, when I close nvidia-settings, these attributes are not written to the ./nvidia-settings-rc file. If I then re-run nvidia-settings as above, the overclocked values are shown, but clearly these are not being retrieved from the ./nvidia-settings-rc file. When I restart X, the ./nvidia-settings-rc file is for sure being loaded (I tested this using a different attribute) but the overclock values are not loaded.

I tried using the "Include X Display Names in the Config File" option within nvidia-settings, which wrote attributes pre-pended with display 93 (which I found caused errors running nvidia-settings later), but even so, the clock attributes were still not written to the file.

How can I retain the overclock settings so that they are loaded when X is restarted??? Can this be done using the --assign argument in the xinitrc file? (I didn't try this because I'm unsure what the syntax would be.)

Thanks much in advance.
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