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Unhappy NVidia binary driver wrongly has been displaying 50Hz since 9xxx drivers

Hi, I am posting this bug here, because I don't know where else to, and believe this bug has been around for far too long now. I have noticed this bug appear ever since the release of the 9xxx Linux drivers, and it has been there in every subsequent release thereafter. The bug still exists in the latest 100.14.11 drivers.

Ok, so first of all, here are some things I have observed:

I use Ubuntu, the refresh rate used to read properly when you go to "System->Preferences->Screen Resolution" with the older 8xxx drivers on Dapper. It used to read something like 85Hz, and my monitor itself would confirm this too.

As soon as I started using the 9xxx drivers (this was still on Dapper at the time), my monitor itself would properly read it was running at 85Hz, but when opening "System->Preferences->Screen Resolution", it started reading the wrong refresh rate of 50hz.

I have observed this bug on a number of different machines, and on the following cards: GeForce FX 5600, GeForce FX 5200, GeForce 7600 GS AGP, GeForce 7950 GT, and onboard GeForce 6100 on the NForce 430 based boards, so it definitely seems to happen on a wide range, possibly all GeForce based cards.

I have observed this bug on the binary NVidia drivers since the 9xxx series, in Dapper with a custom kernel module compiled, the binary driver in the Ubuntu Edgy repository, the binary driver in the Ubuntu Feisty repository, and even on the latest 100.14.11 drivers with a plain vanilla kernel, compiled from source. Which indicates to me the problem is most definitely with the NVidia drivers, and not Ubuntu.

The reason why this bug is so annoying, is because if you run the Beryl or Compiz Fusion 3D desktop, everything is very jumpy, as Compiz thinks the monitor is running at 50hz, so tries to sync to that framerate. Off course you can fix this by unticking "detect refresh rate" in Compiz, but not everybody would know this.

Come'on NVidia, fix this bug please, it's been broken for far too long now.

Attached is a screenshot that shows the NVidia control panel reading 60Hz for my digital flat panel, but the screen resolution applet reading 50hz. This is using the latest 100.14.11 drivers. Note that Compiz also detects 50hz, so it's not just the "screen resoltion" applet doing it.
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