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Default Re: Linux n00b needs teh helpzors!!!

Originally Posted by einstein_314
Sweet thanks Grey!!! So what exactly is the difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu? And why is Kubuntu better?

EDIT: answered my own question. Kubutu = Ubuntu + KDE
Yep. Personally I prefer Gnome. It just feels more polished and stable for me. Plus gdm (gnome desktopmanager) just seems to look smoother to me than kdm.

Only reason at all I mentioned kubuntu is KDE would be much more intuitive for a first timer than Gnome. Honestly though I think you would fly through either.

After installing to hdd, open a terminal and do

"sudo apt-get update"


"sudo apt-get install synaptic" all minus quotes of course.

Synaptic is a graphical front end for apt, you will be able to scroll through everything available, see what dependencies are involved, along with a brief description of most packages.

Install Gnome, then at login screen you can choose KDE or Gnome, see which you like best.
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