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Question Having some issues...

Ok, my system has been stable for about a week running my new setup, but today while I was watching a DVD I got a bluescreen. I thought maybe it was just a fluke (PC had been on for a while and I had been running some buggy games) so I rebooted and went back to the movie and it gave me another blue screen. This time it was a different error.

It seemed to me like a memory related problem because of the errors I got, so I loaded up Orthos and ran the blend test. Instantly I got an error about ready boost needing to close, then Orthos errored and then I got another blue screen with an error saying something memory related ( "memory _____ " can't remember the word).

So after fiddling around with my settings (and after clearing my CMOS because I set my memory voltage too low and the system wouldnt post) I'm back at stock clocks and stock volts and I'm having no problems. I finished the movie, and orthos seems ok.

One thing thats bugging me though, is that if it was memory related, I don't know what was causing the problem. My RAM is running at 1066Mhz right now (5:8 ratio according to CPUZ). I have all of my voltage adjustments set to defaults, and this ram supposedly needs 2.1V to run at its rated speed, rather than the default 1.8V for DDR2. I didn't realize DDR2 was at 1.8V when I started overclocking, and for some reason I needed to run it at +0.5V (2.3) to get it stable at 1080Mhz.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't have much experience with the new BIOS options on this board...

Is there some way I can monitor my DIMM voltage in Windows? I have Speedfan, Everest and the gigabyte easytune utility and none have memory voltage monitors.

Its really strange that I wasn't having any problems until I was watching a DVD (with media player classic). I've watched a few since I put this thing together, and I've played a lot of intense games.

Not sure where to go with this right now. I'll keep working at it, but any tips or helpful links for Core 2 overclocking (specifically on this board or at least another P35) would be awesome. I just don't want to cook anything by experimenting too much.
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