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Default Re: Q6600 g0 whats the best heat sink for ocing?

Originally Posted by stncttr908
Come on, no love for the Zalman 9700? Quality product and does a fine job.
I used to be the worlds biggest Zalman fanboy. Everything on my PC was Zalman cooled. I had the Reserator 1 doing my CPU and SLI video cards, a Zalman silent NB heatsink. 3 Zalman case fans, Zalman Silent Power Supply. My other PCs all had Zalman Flower Coolers for both CPU and GPU.

Sure the 9700 is good, but for it's price it's in the Thermalright 120 price bracket and it just doesn't stack up. It's heavy, actually kinda loud for a Zalman products and can't cool the hotter quad cores.

Oh and
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