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Default Flicker on TV MX440

I am running on an old dell box with the geforce mx440 using the tv out. My problem is.
I used the nvidia-settings application and created my xorg.conf to have it all work. the problem was first that it was all black and white. I fixed that by adding the Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO" and that corrected that issue. My other problem is still the tv still flickers. I can not see it when I am watching a video but if I am the main screen you see the images just fuzz around I guess. I dont know any other way to explain it. It is very noticeable when you go to quit mythfrontend and the yes and no boxes are very shaky and unsteady and very hard on the eye.
I have tried with the nvidia-settings program for the specific settings for the tv like, flicker filter, tv saturation but changes those does nothing at all. i have it set to load that file in my script in my kde startup forlder. but those settings have no affect on the tv itself.

Thanks for all the suggestions in advance! yall are great help
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