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Default Re: Q6600 g0 whats the best heat sink for ocing?

Originally Posted by SH0DAN
With ambients in the 28.3c range right now,its idling at 42c @ 3.2Ghz,with Prime 95.3 with 4 threads,it loads at 64c.Considering my ambients,thats damn good for a 48 Cdn HSF.I got it cheap and on sale.
Fan cranked or set to low? If set to low, I am impressed.

I can crank up this Asus cooler to full speed (2250rpm) and drop to similar temps on the B3 with 25C ambient. Not bad for a B3 at 3.0 from what I have seen. With the CPU fan controled by the mobo, around 970 idle, and the chassis fans running at 900rpm, the idle is 47-50C and 67-70C load at 1700rpm cpu, 1000 chassis.

And on topic, everything I have read points to the Ultra Extreme. I would get one of the Scythe 800120mm S-Flexs or a Noctua 8db and leave it full bore (no choice because neither is PWM). There aren't any "silent" PWM fans on the market.
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