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Originally posted by GlowStick
ATi "Yeah, our chips can be used in a varity of devices, we support all OS's"

Some Company "Great, what ones?"

ATi "Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows98SE, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP! Im sure your set top box uses one of them right?"

Some Company "*Cough*Cough*"
You didn't happen to read that interview with Terry Makedon yesterday at DH where he happened to mention that ATi is going to start releasing and supporting linux drivers starting sometime in June, did ya?

You might just want to add linux to that OS list, although it's probably gonna take 'em about a month. Nice thing about ATi lately though...when they say a month, they mean it and deliver.

EDITED BITS: I'm not a real big linuxhead yet, so I didn't really understand why it was so important to support it. Thanks for pointing out the advantages of supporting it, that explains their big push on it to me in conjucture with their strategic movements in that market.
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