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Originally posted by c4c
You forgot whatever they call the MacOS now..Maybe linux too? Dunno..

BTW that problem is nothing a little money thrown at driver development wouldn't fix.

EDIT:I see linux has already been addressed..Perhaps its time for a typing class
No one uses MacOS

j/k sorry i took a pot shot at all the mac users

and on the linux front, they have a long ways to go, i doubt their first release is gonna be 'perfect' brings the term plug and pray to my mind... but more of complie and pray....

But this isnt the first time ATi has tried to bring Linux drivers to the Radeon, back in the day they actually hired some freelance guys to do it, and they realized that by the time they got the drivers working for Radeon 35mb DDR, they had their next product out the door for like 3 months........
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