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Default Re: NVidia binary driver wrongly has been displaying 50Hz since 9xxx drivers

Originally Posted by netllama
I'm sorry that you feel that way, however the overwhelming majority of NVIDIA customers are quite pleased with the DynamicTwinview option.

I regret that you're in the small minority that dislike this option. You can certainly disable it at your convenience.

I have nothing further to add on this topic.
That's too much psychology (I do not "feel" anything, I made a rational point of business success) and wrong (everyone enjoys features). Saying defaults should make sense for the majority of average users is helping that majority. People who need to activate special configurations can become xorg.conf and nVidia news forum experts.

Average users should not be asked to decipher weird sub-options. They only need their one monitor to function and report correct values to GNOME/KDE. How does an average person make sense of these two options with almost identical names but different defaults?


Originally Posted by nVidia
Option "TwinView" "boolean"

Default: off (TwinView is disabled).

Option "DynamicTwinView" "boolean"

Default: DynamicTwinView is enabled.
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