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Default Universal Pictures President believes HDDVD would fail without Universal Partnership

I admit about 65% of all my HDDVD titles are Universal Pictures, otherwise I would have no use for the player. With BluRay, my collection is varied with LionsGate, Disney/Buena Vista, Paramont, Columbia, 20th Centurey Fox, Sony Pictures and soon Starz Entertainment

Originally Posted by
Speaking exclusively with HiHD's Scott Hettrick, Universal president Craig Kornblau admitted that his studio is in favor of the format war continuing, despite the negative effects it has on consumer adoption. While its hard to argue that this war has driven down hardware prices and increased quality of releases much faster than if there was only a single format, consumers have mostly stayed away from buying either until a victor can be decided.

Kornblau now believes that HD DVD's existence is so fragile, that if Universal were to decide to go neutral and start releasing on Blu-ray, HD DVD would cease to exist. In fact, they are so dedicated to HD DVD, that Universal has walked away from additional financial incentives to release Blu-ray content, besides the additional revenue they would make by releasing on the more consumer adopted format.

There is hope, however, that this war could soon be over. Kornblau admits that once players reach $200, consumers will begin making their decisions about which format to adopt, and that is when Universal will decide who to support. As we march towards the forth quarter, it is very realistic that Toshiba will slash the price of their players for a third time this year (in yet another act of desperation), paving way for a $200 player. If that happens, there is no reason Universal couldn't monitor the holiday sales and announce Blu-ray releases at CES 2008.
Doesn't seem like Universal is backing away from HDDVD support, but will come to a conclusion of whether to go neutral or not after the holiday season

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