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Default Re: GRAW 2 (PC) - Feedback Thread

New patch coming soon. Our BDA mappers and modders have made tons of awesome maps for GRAW1, and I can't wait to see what they do for GRAW2.

Hello everyone. I am excited to release the information about the patch being released on Monday. I don't have an exact link or time but I know you'll be happy its coming. Veryhappy

List of fixes
- Fixed some firewall server browsing issues.
- Fixed server sorting to sort on number of players instead of max.
- Fixed save crash on Ageia Island when running Extreme Physics mode.
- Fixed missing Rate of Fire sound on the HK21.
- Enabled all Map Editor functions.
- Added tutorials to \public-tools\tutorials\ (Only available in English)
- Added various modding tools to \public-tools\
- hud_visibility.xml added to settings folder, which enables advanced users to select transparency of hud elements.
- hud_palett_2.xml added to settings folder, enables advanced users to change the colors of the hud and menus.
- Fixed some issues with weapon mod equipping / removing.
- Fixed some faulty server settings.
- Fixed some collision issues on multiplayer maps.
- Fixed bugs and occasional crashes.
- Ghost speech properly disabled if you uncheck Voice Quotes in options
- Additional fixes to the Serverlisting.
- Fixed the bug when you tried to add favorites on a newly created profile.
- Adds bundle support for custom maps (like in GRAW1).
- Adds bundle support for mod (1 actived before game start).
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