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Originally posted by Skynet
ATI: Compare it to:

A Lexus. Fast, refined, quiet, comfortable, beautiful to look at. Feels great at any speed, fits like a glove, saturates and satisfies the senses perfectly. Not the outright fastest on the block but by far the most satisfying to own. Doesn't need smoke, mirrors, drunken parties and incesent advertising to make it look good.

Nvidia: Compare it to:

A Modified Ford Mustang. Not so great to look at, a bit crude, an old engine done up to the nuts. Guzzles gas at an alarming rate. Has the back and passenger seats removed, no air conditioning, no spare tire, very loud exhaust. Ford Brass throws drunken parties with naked chics to make you forget how ****tty the car really is. Advertised to death, mostly trying to capitalize on past glories when the Mustang was actually a nice car.

Which camp are you in? It's your choice.
nvidia is more like Lamborghini, wild and crude, sophisticated engine(driver), very loud, no cut corners air conditioning(AF), not comfortable suspension system(AA), respectable everywhere(DCC area, game developer relations)
i am in nvidia camp
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