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Default Re: HD Stuttering on 720p HDTV but not 1080P Monitor

Originally Posted by hordaktheman
It could depend on any number of things. What kind of media is this (Matroska, WMV, h.264) and how do you connect the computer to each respective display? Are you, for example, using DVI for the monitor and component for the TV? Are you using a PAL television at 50hz and the monitor at 60hz?

You might want to try making sure your TV is running at 60hz, or even unplugging the Dell and using your TV as a single display. My first thought was that the two displays are running at different timings, but it could also be that your TV (being a secondary display) isn't getting enough processing resources allocated to it.

Also, try shutting off any video acceleration on the graphics card and have your CPU process the video. If the video stream is native 1080p resolution, it could be that either PowerDVD or your graphics card is having issues downscaling it.
Hmmmm, now I'm even more confused... I just tried with/without hardware acceleration and there is no difference in cpu%. 6-13% cpu usage with or without hardware acceleration... surely somethings wrong there?

To be more clear, I am playing HD content from an xbox 360 HD-DVD drive. So I believe its VC-1. Both the monitor and the tv are connected using dvi cables (1m dvi for the monitor, 5m dvi for the tv if it helps). Also, both are 60hz according to nvidia control panel. I believe the tv is pal.
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