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Originally posted by Sazar
Digi... are you suggesting that nforce2 boards are not better than the current amd competiton ?

I will concur that if the via kt600 lives up to [p]review expectations than there is a REAL battle on nvidia's hands... but still currently the best board is the nforce2...
With Hammer right around the corner, we don't need another AthlonXP motherboard from VIA. It will all be about who has the best performing Hammer board then. By all accounts it looks like nforce3 will be for Hammers, thank God.

VIA brings out motherboards a dime a dozen...they use basically the same design and tweak it and re-release it over and over and over ad naseum. It's pathetic how a newcomer like nvidia could produce the leading performer for AMD with only its 2nd chipset. Even the first nforce was on par with VIA's KT266A, and if nforce hadn't been delayed so much it would have demolished VIA's lackluster KT266. Ok, I've ranted about VIA enough in the past, so I'll shut up now

Getting back OT, I think NV40 should correct a lot of mistakes that exist in NV3x. So nvidia probably won't have to rely on name brand or driver hacks to win in benchmarks
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