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Getting back OT, I think NV40 should correct a lot of mistakes that exist in NV3x. So nvidia probably won't have to rely on name brand or driver hacks to win in benchmarks
Really shouldn't have taken this long though. I had a little more faith in Nvidia that they would have refocused after 9700Pro was released and put out a product which made no questions as to it being better than the competitior's. However, roadmaps are planned well in advance so I don't know what they could of done in a half year or so. Just think ,the 5800ultra would be considered great if the 9700pro wasn't released (it probably be slower, but less loud and huge). Sure it's IQ perfomance wouldn't be great, but neither would any other card. The last year has just been really surprising, in a good way I guess. This ATI vs. Nvidia fight should be interesting to watch for a while. It be more fun if another challenger steps up to the plate.
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