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Default Re: Official Guild Wars Thread

IMO Factions was way too short and its storyline was boring and predictable.
Graphically it was really cool (the jade sea on the luxon side is incredible), but its levels mainly consisted on small corridors (ie: the whole place around kaineng or the kurzick side), with no place left for exploration (what I liked in tyria or nightfall).
When you finished the tutorial island (or when you "imported" a tyrian character), you arrived on a very very very boring and uninspired place: this huge area on the north of factions, with its small streets and brownish graphics...
Add to this that nearly all the quests were "fed ex" quests (I read on a recent interview that game devs -when preparing eye of the north- had a recommendation that said "everytime you create a fed ex quest, grenth kills a kitten^^ I guess that the GW:Factions lesson is learned).
This whole concept around kurzicks and luxons seemed cool, but forcing people to grind these 10k factions points by doing stupid quests or "simili pvp" (alliance battles) wasn't a good idea at all.
And even if your "territory" wins, there's no bonus for you (well the only thing "interesting" is that huge guilds/alliances can "own" a town, that allows them to create fireworks or buy things to the merchant cheaper...great).
And finally: this STUPID STUPID STUPID "time trial" coop missions, man I was so pissed when I discovered that you had to hurry to get the highest reward...

Factions is an accumulation of bad ideas IMO.
The only cool thing is the art direction (armors and landscapes are really cool...well except the area on the north of the continent^^).

Back to eye of the north, there are some new videos on ign:
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