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Default How does my overclock look?

Ive managed to get over 8 hours orthos stable with a overclock of 3.5GHz and thats on 1.55v, my max orthos load temp was 57c - 59c & idle is 44c thats using a Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme cpu cooler with AS5 thermal compound & a 120mm vantec thermaflow fan(with better case cooling the temps would probabaly be lower), im just wanting to know how the overclock looks to the more experienced overclockers and is there anything i can do to fine tune my system? ..... i CAN'T manage to get stable at 3.6GHz even at 1.6v ... i have added alittle extra voltage to the northbridge & FSB termination Voltage ect however i dont wanna put to much voltage through it as i have a stock fanless heatsink, is there a max safe voltage to apply to the northbridge\FSB termination Voltage?

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